Landscape management with powerful IT tools

Geographic information systems (GIS) are now indispensable instruments in the field of landscape management. EcoEng has extensive experience and knowledge in this field. The office supports various companies, administrations and other organizations in the use of GIS. We advise our customers in the organization of their geographic data and program GIS applications with regard to their needs. We also take care of personnel training and customer care.

Recording and mapping
  • Mapping of any kind
  • Measurement with drones
  • Digitalization
  • Design of plans
  • 2D and 3D modeling
Software and applications
  • Software and platforms for data management in all areas (water, forest, natural hazards, landfills, gravel pits, project management, hydraulics, ...)
  • Design of tailor-made instruments in the field of computer science
Informatic systems
  • GIS Systems
  • Management systems with GPS
  • Programming and designing apps
  • Training and support
  • Conception and design of WEB-Databases